UltraClear ® Laser

Dr. Bernstein is the first physician in the world to use the UltraClear® laser and is both the Chief Medical Officer and the Chairman of the medical advisory board for Acclaro, the company that makes the UlraClear® laser.  The UltraClear® laser is a revolutionary new and extremely versatile fiber laser that can deliver anything from a lunchtime peel to a deep resurfacing and everything in between. This unique laser is often virtually painless, requiring no numbing cream, depending upon the settings. The unique design of the UltraClear® laser enables very superficial and painless treatments with significant effects in the deeper layers of skin, despite the location of laser energy absorption. In addition, very small treatment zones can be delivered deeply into the skin, minimizing discomfort, and maximizing results. The wavelength of the UltraClear® enables dual treatments of superficial Clear mode and deep Ultra mode simultaneously with little to no bulk heating of the skin, making for an effective and comfortable treatment.

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