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Tixel Laser Treatments in Philadelphia – Ardmore, PA

Stimulates a healing response to remodel photoaged skin

The Tixel is a novel device that delivers fractionated heating and is extremely versatile so it can be used in all skin types for mild or more intense rejuvenation.


Dr. Bernstein was the second member of the Tixel® medical advisory board and the first physician in the tri-state to get the Tixel®. The Tixel® is a unique device that delivers microthermal treatment zones with a titanium tip resembling a waffle with pyramids coming to a point. These points impact the skin for fractions of a second and result in fractionated skin treatments that leave unaffected skin in between. This stimulates a healing response to remodel photoaged skin to more closely resemble younger unaffected skin. Using heat energy, instead of laser energy that is absorbed and then produces heat, results in a unique treatment effect. The versatility of the Tixel® device enables treatments ranging from very mild, lunchtime treatments to fractionated resurfacing to address both photoaging and acne scaring. In addition, studies using the Tixel® to treat some ocular conditions makes this a very novel device.

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Tixel® FAQ

How does the Tixel® work?

The Tixel® uses a titanium plate with pyramids that touch the skin in pinpoint areas depositing treatment zones of heat with areas of sparing around them, in a fashion virtually identical to a laser with one big difference-the Tixel® uses heat energy and not laser energy to make the microthermal treatment zones. This creates a unique impact on the skin and a different effect under the microscope.

Is the Tixel® a laser?

No, the Tixel® is a heating device that heats a special titanium treatment plate to 400°C and delivers fractionated, or pinpoint, heat energy to the skin.

What do you use the Tixel® for the most?

We use the Tixel® for mild rejuvenation in all skin types. Since the Tixel® can be adjusted to be very mild, it can safely be used on all skin types for mild rejuvenation.

What will I look like after Tixel® treatment?

Generally, our patients look pink with a healthy glow following Tixel® treatments. This mild pinkness and minimal swelling fade over a day or two.

Can I use topicals before and after Tixel® treatment?

The Tixel® is a fantastic device to combine with topical treatments. The microthermal treatment zones and mild swelling and good type of inflammation will enable topical treatments to have a greater effect than they would alone. They can penetrate more easily into the skin if administered with Tixel® treatments.

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