PicoWay ® Laser

The PicoWay® laser is a very versatile laser that delivers pulses less than a billionth of a second in duration. This means that the tissue interactions are quite unique providing opportunities to treat certain conditions we couldn’t easily treat in the past. Dr. Bernstein was the FIRST physician in the WORLD to get the PicoWay® laser and helped the engineers with its development. Dr. Bernstein and his collaborators also published the first peer-reviewed manuscript on removing tattoos with the PicoWay® laser. It delivers multiple wavelengths including: 1,064 nm, 532 nm, 730 nm and 785 nm, and has the ability to deliver fractionated 532 nm and 1,064 nm laser energy for rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin and treatment of acne scars in any skin type.

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