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excel® V Laser

Treats unwanted redness such as rosaea, photodamage, spider veins, and more

The excel® V laser uses contact cooling which consists of a cooled sapphire window that protects the surface of the skin during treatment.

Results of Treatment

excel®V Laser

Dr. Bernstein was one of the first five people in the U.S. to acquire the excel® V laser, a green potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) laser, for treating vascular lesions. This laser utilizes contact cooling to protect the surface of the skin while treating vascular lesions. The excel® V laser also has an integrated second laser for rejuvenation of photoaged skin. This laser is an advanced iteration of the groundbreaking Coherent® Versapulse® laser which Dr. Bernstein and colleagues performed studies with resulting in peer-reviewed publications, as they also did with the with the excel® V laser.
excel® V device

excel® V FAQs

What type of laser is the excel® V laser?

The excel® V laser is a KTP laser, which uses a potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) crystal to convert infrared energy from an Nd:YAG crystal to green light. Green light is special because it is absorbed very strongly into hemoglobin and can remove unwanted blood vessels and much more.

What does the excel® V laser treat?

The excel® V treats unwanted redness such as rosacea, photodamage, spider veins and much, much more. It also targets unwanted pigmentation from the sun because green light is strongly absorbed by melanin pigment. The resulting hive reaction to treatment also rejuvenates sun-damaged skin improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Does the excel® V laser have cooling to protect the skin surface?

The excel® V laser uses contact cooling which consists of a cooled sapphire window. This protects the surface of the skin during treatment and is an extremely effective cooling method especially for treating spider veins.

What will I look like following excel® V laser treatment?

When treating facial redness, rosacea or photodamage, patients look pink and puffy. There is generally no bruising when treating with the excel® V. Spider veins treated with the excel® V laser seem to disappear initially then look pink and slightly raised. They fade away over 6-12 weeks and can resemble cat scratches for about a month.

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