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AlexTrivantage ® Laser

Treat multicolored tattoos, remove freckles and other pigmentation

Because the AlexTrivantage® has a relatively long pulse-duration, the laser can be fired through a fiber making it gentler to removing freckles and lentigines.

Results of Treatment

AlexTrivantage® Laser

The FIRST AlexTrivantage® laser in the WORLD was acquired by Dr. Bernstein at Main Line Center for Laser Surgery. The AlexTrivantage® laser from Candela Medical is a red, Q-switched laser with a pulse-duration of 50-100 nanoseconds (billionths of a second). The AlexTrivantage® was the first laser to incorporate laser-pumped handpieces that use the 755 nm red light to produce 532 nm green laser light and 1,064 nm infrared radiation. It was used to treat multicolored tattoos as well as proving ideal for removing freckles and other pigmentation. Dr. Bernstein and colleagues collaborated to produce a key manuscript on the use of this laser for removing multicolored tattoos.

AlexTrivantage® device

AlexTrivantage® FAQ

What is so special about the AlexTrivantage® laser?

The AlexTrivantage® laser has a fairly long pulse-duration for a Q-switched, nanosecond-domain laser. Even though its pulse lasts from 50-100 billionths of a second, this is quite long for a laser of this type. The advantages of this longer pulse-duration are that the laser can be fired through a fiber, as opposed to a more cumbersome articulated-arm, making it easier to use, and it’s gentler at removing freckles and lentigines.

Why is the AlexTrivantage® laser so popular in Asia?

Because the AlexTrivantage® has a relatively long pulse-duration, the risk of unwanted pigmentation FROM the treatment is less than with many other lasers. Unwanted pigmentation such as freckles and lentigines is a big problem in Asia, where people generally have more natural skin pigmentation that some other places.

What is the AlexTrivantage® laser best at treating?

The AlexTrivantage® laser shines as a treatment of unwanted pigmentation, such as freckles and lentigines.

Why is the wavelength of color of the AlexTrivantage® laser important?

When treating unwanted pigmentation, we want to use a wavelength of light that is taken up by melanin pigment, but not taken up too strongly. In my opinion, 755 nm red light is the optimal wavelength for treating pigment in most skin types. It’s like Baby Bear’s porridge, just right.

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