Non-Ablative Laser Treatment


Non-ablative lasers are named to be in contrast to the ablative (removing of skin) lasers. The ablative lasers are the carbon dioxide (CO 2 or Erbium:YAG lasers). These lasers strip off thin layers of skin leaving a very controlled wound behind. These wounds heal over a few days to a week resulting in a dramatic improvement in skin texture and appearance. However, with the ablative lasers there are significant down times and greater risks than are associated with the non-ablative lasers. The typical non-ablative lasers stimulate regeneration of new collagen without producing a wound. There is usually no down time associated with these lasers.


There are two main types of non-ablative lasers, the vascular lasers and the infrared lasers. The vascular lasers improve spider veins and redness, brown spots such as freckles, enlarged pores and fine lines/wrinkles. The infrared lasers may do a better job on enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles in some cases, but do not address unwanted pigment or blood vessels. Often a combination of these two types of lasers is the best approach to treat photodamaged skin. These lasers also do a great job of treating acne scarring.


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