Neck Liposuction: Submental – Under the Chin

Tightening the skin under the chin


Men and women in the career arena today are more health conscious than ever before. Feeling good and looking good are equally important, not only for health reasons, but to stay competitive in their jobs. Looking young is also as important. As the body ages, so does the neckline with sagging skin and excess fat accumulation that causes loss of definition.


Men and women both are seeing the importance of keeping the neck well contoured right along with a youthful facial appearance. Dr. Bloom recommends neck liposuction to deal with that unwanted fat and a necklift to rid the neck of that “turkey waddle” (excess hanging skin). Neck liposuction is usually done in tandem with a necklift to achieve optimum results and balance.


Benefits of Neck Liposuction

• Neck liposuction helps to restore a youthful neckline
• It removes excess fat deposits from the neck & chin
• Men & women choose it to restore shape & definition
• Neck liposuction enhances both appearance & self-esteem
• Neck liposuction is among the most popular age defying treatments


Is a Neck Liposuction right for me?

If your neck is sagging and losing its shape and definition, while unwanted stubborn fat deposits accumulate under the chin, and you are in otherwise good health, you could be an ideal candidate for Dr. Bloom’s neck liposuction procedure. Dr. Bloom will do a thorough evaluation of your skin condition and your concerns before designing a treatment plan just for you. Often, neck liposuction is done in tandem with other anti-aging facial procedures, such as a facelift, to achieve overall balance and the most pleasing results.


Neck Liposuction

There are several methods of liposuction in use today and Dr. Bloom is knowledgeable and skilled in all of them. No matter which is chosen, all liposuction is surgery (some less invasive than others) requiring tiny incisions, anesthesia, and diligent postoperative care. Dr. Bloom uses state of the art instruments that are smaller and allow for more precision in the past. Working through tiny incisions under the chin and in the natural creases behind your ears, he will gently remove fat using a cannula. After the area is sculpted, the incisions are closed and a chinstrap is applied to keep pressure on the surgical area for about 24 hours. This helps to minimize swelling and bruising.


After Neck Liposuction…What to expect

1. Some swelling, bruising, numbness and discomfort is normal
2. The chinstrap helps to minimize this along with oral pain medication
3. Cold compresses may be used
4. You should rest with your head elevated for the first 3-4 days (nights)
5. Plan on a soft diet for 1-2 days as chewing will be uncomfortable
6. Keep your post-operative appointment…it is very important



Did you Know?

Dr. Jason D. Bloom is an award winning, Ivy-League trained facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Bloom has worked at some of the most elite and renowned institutions in the country. His extensive experience and reputable training provide the foundation for his excellent technical skills and surgical aesthetic. He is dedicated to the treatment of patients with both cosmetic concerns and reconstructive problems of the head and neck.


Dr.  Bloom on Neck Liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedure year after year for one good reason: it works!


Neck Liposuction (Submental) Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Neck Liposuction Really Safe?

YES! Dr. Bloom uses today’s safe, advanced techniques and state of the art, refined instruments that have propelled liposuction light years from where it was even 5 years ago. It is one of today’s most popular procedures because of these advancements…and because it works so well.


Who’s It For?

Liposuction for any body area has benefits…but is not for everybody. The purpose is to remove excess, stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Ideal candidates are men and women or all ages who are near their ideal body weight, with good skin elasticity and who are in otherwise good health. Liposuction is generally used to enhance another procedure because of the great sculpting capability. For use under the chin, it can be a stand alone procedure to remove that glob of fat that won’t go away otherwise.


How is Liposuction Performed?

Tumescent liposuction involves use of a tube called a cannula, saline solution and a gentle vacuum attached to the cannula. Tiny incisions are made through which the instruments are inserted, the solution helps with movement while the cannula dislodges the fat deposits and the vacuum suctions away the debris. This is basic liposuction. Laser Assisted, Ultrasound Assisted, and Power Assisted Liposuction are more advanced and used for specific procedures.


Is Liposuction a Painful Procedure?

It is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia and a certain amount of discomfort. Dr. Bloom’s patients never complain of severe pain, but rather discomfort. You will be kept comfortable throughout the procedure and afterward while swelling and bruising resolve over a few days.


Will Insurance Pay for Liposuction?

NO. This is a cosmetic procedure and health insurance does not cover these procedures. We do offer financing with monthly payments. Please ask about it in our business office.


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