Midface (Cheek) Lift

A localized facelift around the cheeks and mouth


Mid facial signs of aging begin to appear as early as age 30. You may notice hollow looking eyes and cheeks that appear as though they are sunken while marionette lines deepen and nasolabial folds become more dramatic. The muscles between the eyes change and the cheek’s fat pads start their downward journey, creating an angry look. At this stage, smile lines often become permanently etched on your face.


A midface lift procedure uses the same techniques as a full facelift, but is limited to the middle 1/3 of the face. Dr. Bloom has focused on and is specialized in all facial procedures…having an excellent understanding of the complex facial anatomy. He employs the most advanced techniques and skill to achieve the most natural looking results possible.


Benefits of Midface Lift (Cheek Lift)

• Today’s midface/cheek lift restores youthfulness to the midface
• It tightens muscles & repositions the cheek pads at a higher position
• Achieves more permanent age defying results than with injectables fillers and volumizers alone
• Restores natural appearing youthfulness…without a “operated” look
• It is often performed with other anti-aging treatments for optimal results
• Dr. Bloom employs his advanced techniques, skill & artistic ability


Is a Mid Facelift right for you?

The midface/cheek lift effectively addresses the visible age related sagging that we all dislike. You should have a strong desire to correct these problems but should be in otherwise good health. Mature, realistic expectations are critical when considering any cosmetic procedure. Dr. Bloom individualizes a treatment plan for every single patient because no two faces are alike.


Today’s refined instruments and technology are much less invasive, require much smaller incisions, and cause less bruising and swelling…so downtime is significantly less and healing occurs sooner.


Midface/ Cheek Lift Surgery…How it’s done.

Local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia is normally used, but this decision will be made during your individual consultation with Dr. Bloom when he personalizes your procedure. Small incisions are made behind the ears in the natural creases of the skin. Working through these incisions, Dr. Bloom will skillfully lift and tighten muscles and tissue and reposition the cheek fat pads to a higher, more youthful position. The incisions heal very inconspicuously and eventually fade into very thin threads. Injectable fillers and cheek implants are often performed simultaneously to help restore natural volume and contour to the face.


After Surgery

When you wake up you should expect the following and also follow these instructions:
1. Your face will be swollen, pale and numb
2. Patients complain of “discomfort” rather than pain
3. Incision sites may be irritated and swollen for a couple of days
4. You may see small drain tubes in some of them to deal with excess fluid
5. Your head may be wrapped in a bandage…this should be left on until Dr. Bloom takes it off
6. If a special compression garment is used…wear it as instructed…it helps to control swelling and support while healing starts to take place
7. You will need to keep your head elevated for several days
8. Dr. Bloom may recommend soft, cool compresses
9. Oral medication will easily deal with any discomfort you may experience
10. Plan on a soft diet for 2-3 days…your face will feel tight and opening your mouth may be uncomfortable
11. As healing takes place…all discomfort and signs of surgery go away…usually over a few days time.



Did you Know?

Dr. Bloom has authored over 20 journal articles and book chapters, and has given numerous presentations at national and international conferences. Dr.Bloom continues to be academically involved with teaching residents, and performing research studies and clinical trials in the area of facial plastic & reconstructive surgery.


Dr.  Bloom on Cheek Lifts

Today, men and women don’t wait until aging is extremely noticeable. Because at that point, correcting it makes them look drastically different. Rather, we do less drastic procedures in the 30’s & 40’s to take years off the face & to look years younger…always.


Midface (Cheek) Lift Frequently Asked Questions:


What Anesthesia is Used for Mid Face/Cheeklift Surgery?

This will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation to ensure you are comfortable with your options and make a good decision. Local anesthesia and sedation are often used and general anesthesia is also an option.


How Long Does Midface/Cheek lift Surgery Take?

There are many facelift options available today. Many lift only the superficial tissues and offer short term results while others are more extensive, take up to 10 years off the face and last for years…these take longer. Dr. Bloom will be able to give you a time frame when your treatment plan has been designed and he knows exactly what’s involved.


Do All Facelift Surgeries Leave Scars?

All incisions involve scars. However, Dr. Bloom uses more refined techniques that allow him to inconspicuously hide the incisions while they fade over time. All of the incisions for a midface/cheek lift are hidden in the hair-bearing scalp and are not visible.


If a Midface/Cheek lift Surgery Painful?

There will be some discomfort but Dr. Bloom’s patients rarely complain of pain. You will experience swelling and tightness that is uncomfortable but this goes away on its own over a few days. Some numbness may linger for several weeks, but it too resolves itself.


How Long Before I Will See the Real Results of my Midface/Cheek Lift Surgery?

Visible results vary with each patient based upon the extensiveness and type of procedure. Healing continues under the surface for quite some time. As swelling and bruising resolves, results can be seen and within a few weeks you will be looking like yourself…albeit a younger version.


Will Insurance Pay for A Midface/Cheek lift Surgery?

NO. Insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. We do have financing today that covers cosmetic procedures and can be set up on a payment plan. Ask about it in our business office.


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