Facial exfoliation that enables topicals to work to their maximum potential


Dermaplaning is a highly effective procedure for removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells. The procedure is performed using a scalpel blade. The skin cells, as well as the vellus hairs on the face, are gently scraped away. Vellus hair often covers the face. It is commonly known as “peach fuzz.” These hairs can also trap dirt and oil creating a dull appearance. When vellus hair grows back it does not come back any heavier, darker or thicker than when it was originally scraped.


The treatment produces softer smoother skin with a rejuvenated glow. The removal of the outer layer of skin cells also allows for better penetration and absorption of both pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products. Dermaplaning can be done in conjunction with a chemical peel or facials and is often recommended.

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