PicoWay is a dual wavelength picosecond laser that is used to remove recalcitrant tattoos, multi-colored tattoos and benign pigment lesions on the skin. The innovative technology of the laser produces a breakup of the tattoo particles into smaller and more manageable removal of the ink by it’s picosecond pulses of energy to the skin.

Did You Know?

Dr. Bernstein was the FIRST physician in the WORLD to use the PicoWay laser. He performed and published the first groundbreaking studies with this amazing laser-pumped-laser technology.


PicoWay tattoo removal often results in fewer removal treatments than the typical Q-Switched lasers because the short pulse duration of the laser enables the tattoo to clear sooner. Oftentimes, the recovery is faster as well. See for yourself and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bernstein regarding tattoo removal.

Advantages to PicoWay Laser


Dual Wavelengths • Treats widest range of tattoos • Highest Peak Power • Shortest picosecond pulses

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the PicoWay Laser work?
The dual wavelength of the laser and it’s picosecond of energy to the skin breaks up the tattoo ink into smaller particles for easier elimination.


2. What type of tattoos can be treated?
Many different types of tattoos and colors can be treated including amateur, professional, and recalcitrant tattoos.

3. Is the treatment safe for all skin types?
Yes, PicoWay treatment is safe for all skin types.


4. What advantages does the PicoWay laser have over the traditional Q-Switch lasers?
The traditional Q-Switch lasers require numerous treatments, which leads to possible irritation and more discomfort. The PicoWay laser technology allows the breakup of particles to be impacted faster and easier to remove in a shorter period of time.


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