Dr. Bernstein had the honor to be first-in-line when receiving the following new laser devices
  • Candela Picoway Laser – FIRST IN THE WORLD
  • Resolve Holographic Picoway Handpiece – FIRST IN THE WORLD
  • Candela Picoway Laser – Led the FDA trial for this device
  • Candela V-Beam Perfecta – 1st in the world
  • AlexTrivantage – 1st in the world
  • Deka Synchro HP – 1st in the US
  • ConBio Revlite SI – 1st in the tri-state area (PA, DE, NJ)
  • Fraxel Permea Clear + Brilliant – 1st in the US
  • GentleMax Pro – 1st in the US
  • Zeltiq/Coolsculpting – 1st in PA
  • Large Spot SmoothBeam – 2nd in the US
  • GentleLase Pro – 1st in the country
  • Wavelight Q – Switched Ruby – first in PA and one of the first in the US
  • Clear+Brilliant – 1st one in tri-state area (PA, DE, NJ) and 1st Perméa handpiece in US

These days it seems you can have laser treatments just about everywhere. Lasers are serious devices requiring special knowledge to operate. You wouldn’t want your landscaper to do your taxes, but many spend more time looking for a cell phone than they do choosing a doctor to laser their skin. Dr. Bernstein is widely regarded as one of the world’s authorities on laser medicine and laser technology, being featured on the cover of the New York Times and interviewed for stories on 20/20, CNN, NBC, and NPR among others. Dr. Bernstein has also trained hundreds of physicians in the proper use and application of lasers in medicine.


Dr. Bernstein is Director of Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Centers and one of the world’s leading experts on laser medicine and surgery. Dr. Bernstein has over 20 issued and pending patents for laser technology, both within the U.S. and worldwide. He sits as the Chairman of the Candela Laser Corporation Medical Advisory Board, is on the Medical Advisory Board for Coolsculpting and Solta, Inc. the makers of the Fraxel laser group of products and was integral in developing many of the protocols for lasers in use throughout the world. As a result of Dr. Bernstein’s research and development work, he often is among the very first in the world to utilize new laser applications for patient treatment.


Different patients have different needs which call for different lasers. Few offices can offer the variety of lasers Dr. Bernstein’s can. For example, Dr. Bernstein has all three types of lasers currently in use for hair removal. The reason this is important is that, with any given patient, you may need to switch lasers as the hair changes, from thick to thin, dark to lighter. Or if a patient has light skin one day, but goes and gets a tan another day, you may want to switch lasers. Dr. Bernstein can meet the needs of any given patient that may walk through the door.


Ruby Laser by WaveLight

Dr. Bernstein was one of the first physicians in the UNITED STATES to get the Wavelight Ruby laser for laser tattoo removal. This state-of-the-art Q-switched laser is a powerful treatment for removing tattoos and freckles. This is one of the 3-types of tattoo-removing lasers, all of which belong to Dr. Bernstein in his Main Line Center for Laser Surgery. Dr. Bernstein performed a key study demonstrating the ability of this laser to remove tattoos quickly and completely.


Con-Bio RevLite SI laser from Cynosure

Dr. Bernstein was the first person in the TRI-STATE area (PA, DE, and NJ) to have the RevLite SI. This new powerful tattoo-removing laser system delivers maximum laser energies using the largest possible spot-size-key for more rapid and complete tattoo removal. Dr. Bernstein performed a ground-breaking study demonstrating the effectiveness of this fantastic new laser.


Solta Clear + Brilliant laser

Dr. Bernstein was the first person in the TRI-STATE area (PA, DE, and NJ) to get the Clear + Brilliant laser and the first in the UNITED STATES to get the new Perméa handpiece. Dr. Bernstien performed a landmark study combining his LaseResults skincare line with Perméa laser treatments.



Main Line Center for Laser Surgery is proud to offer eMatrix treatments, a novel fractionated radiofrequency energy source used in a fractionated delivery system for skin rejuvenation and improvement of acne scarring. This novel state-of-the-art treatment synergizes beautifully with topical LaseResults products.


Cynosure Elite MPX laser

Dr. Bernstein was one of the first physicians in the nation to perform a landmark study combining the two wavelengths available in this novel laser platform. The Elite MPX combines 755 and 1,064 nm laser energy in the first-ever laser to blend these wavelengths for custom laser hair removal and vascular treatments.


Tria Beauty

Dr. Bernstein performed a landmark study with the at-home Tria Hair Removal laser system, and has worked extensively with this leader in home laser technologies. Dr. Bernstein has also been a consultant and advisor to Tria for their novel Blue Light for at home acne treatment.


Affirm CO2 Skin Rejuvenation Laser

Dr. Bernstein has completed clinical studies on this exciting device which treats sun-damaged and aging skin, as well as scarring including acne scarring. His research has helped further this new device and the treatment of aged skin.


Candela Quadralaser CO2 laser

Dr. Bernstein has completed clinical studies on this exciting device which treats sun-damaged and aging skin, as well as scarring including acne scarring.


Pneumatic Skin Flattening

This patented technology utilizes a novel concept which compresses the skin in a treatment area, thereby blocking pain signals to the brain. This makes for a much less painful treatment and a better overall outcome. Dr. Bernstein ran clinical trials on this new device, proving its ability to reduce the treatment associated pain and improve outcomes.

SmoothBeam Laser by Candela

Dr. Bernstein is one of the FIRST 2 people in the UNITED STATES to use the new large-spot, SmoothBeam laser and was the first to publish the two-pass low energy protocol with both the large and conventional-spot SmoothBeam laser. This 2-pass protocol has revolutionized treatment with the SmoothBeam laser.


Palomar Emerge laser

Dr. Bernstein has been selected to perform key research with the Palomar Emerge laser. This laser beautifully combines topical treatments with LaseResults skincare together with state-of-the-art fractionated laser treatments.


Picoway Laser by Candela

Dr. Bernstein was the FIRST IN THE WORLD to use the Candela Picoway laser, the FIRST IN THE WORLD to use the Resolve holographic handpiece for the Picoway laser and he led the study leading to FDA-clearance of this laser.


Perfecta Laser by Candela

Dr. Bernstein had the FIRST Candela Perfecta laser in the UNITED STATES and has published extensively on its use for the treatment of rosacea, spider veins of the lower extremities, port-wine stains, scars, and facial rejuvenation.


Excel V Laser by Cutera

Dr. Bernstein was one of the first physicians in the country to use the Cutera Excel V laser and has two issued patents surrounding the uses for this laser. He performed original research studies which have been published surrounding demonstrating the effectiveness of this new and versatile 2-wavelength laser.


GentleLase Pro, GenlteLaser , GentleYag, & GentleMax Pro Lasers

These are the most popular lasers for hair removal world-wide. Dr. Bernstein purchased the first Gentle Max Pro laser in the country, and is Head of the Advisory Board for the Candela Corporation, who makes this innovative laser. In addition, he first demonstrated the GentleLase Pro and GentleMax Pro lasers on TV, showing the country this new technology.


Solta Fraxel Dual Laser

Dr. Bernstein performed a research study for Solta, makers of the Fraxel Dual, to further knowledge of this innovative treatment. The Fraxel Dual is one of Dr. Bernstein’s leading treatments for photodamage and acne scarring, and is the market leader in fractionated or pixelated lasers.


Active FX and Deep FX Laser Treatments

The Lumenis UltraPulse Fractional Laser, which delivers both the Active and Deep FX treatments, was the original groundbreaking laser for facial CO2 laser technology. Dr. Bernstein was part of the first large-scale study of this pioneering laser over a decade ago and continues to use this laser for treatment of photodamage and acne scarring, but with the innovative Active and Deep FX technology. Dr. Bernstein utilizes this laser for improving skin tone and texture.


Candela Alex TriVantage Laser

Dr. Bernstein was the FIRST physician in the WORLD to use the Alex TriVantage laser. Dr. Bernstein performed and published the first groundbreaking studies with this amazing laser-pumped-laser technology. Dr. Bernstein heads the Medical Advisory Board for Candela Corporation, the company that manufactures the Alex TriVantage laser. He ran some of the breakthrough studies on this popular laser for tattoos, pigmented lesions.

Dr. Eric Bernstein is an expert contributor on RealSelf, and a VIP Member of the Patient’s Guide.


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