Cherry Hemangiomas

Little Red Bumps


Cherry hemangiomas are little red bumps that most commonly appear on the trunk, especially the abdomen and back, although they can appear almost anywhere. They resemble little red moles, and are generally only a few millimeters in size. They often begin to appear in young adulthood into middle age. They are usually raised. People who get cherry hemangiomas seem to get more and more as time goes one. People can have hundreds of these red bumps on their trunk, extremities and head/neck. They are easily treated with lasers that target blood vessels, and most smaller cherry hemangiomas resolve in a single treatment. Immediately after treatment they turn purple and then take about 3-4 weeks to disappear.


Another common vascular condition that appears in people of all ages is the spider angioma (also called a nevus araneus by dermatologists). As the dermatologic name implies, these small vascular clusters that are usually a few millimeters in size resemble a spider on close inspection. There is a central vessel that has numerous ‘legs’ radiating outward from it. These blanch when one presses on them. They most commonly occur on the face, but can also appear on the extremities and elsewhere. Children often get spider angiomas as do many adults. People undergoing changes in their hormonal status, like pregnancy or taking birth control pills, are particularly prone to developing nevus araneuses. These spots are also quite easily treated by vascular-targeting lasers. They turn purple for a 7-10 days and then disappear in 4-6 weeks. Nevus araneuses present for more than a year may often take more than one treatment to remove.


Fortunately, these little tiny bumps are very easy to remove with the vascular lasers. Following treatment the spots appear slightly pink and bruised. The bruises usually last for approximately five to seven days, after which time they fade away. Most small cherry hemangiomas or spider angiomas are removed in a single treatment, however some larger ones may require a couple of treatments.


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