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Most people will have a problem with acne at some point.


Acne is an extremely common problem effecting people of all ages. I often treat a number of adults who have developed acne for the first time as an adult, and who feel that this is quite unusual. In fact, adult acne is quite common. In addition, adults often present with rosacea, a problem associated with sun-exposure where people get increased numbers of blood vessels on their face often accompanied by acne-type pustules. In my opinion, a dermatologist is the best place to start when treating acne or rosacea. I feel that for most people, the prescription remedies work better with less irritation than most over-the-counter treatments. So my advice is to start with a dermatologist. Acne treatments can range from topical creams, lotions and gels, to oral antibiotics or Accutane treatment.


Recently there have been a number of published reports about the ability of lasers to improve acne. The vascular lasers have been shown to improve acne, as have the infrared lasers. The laser treatments for acne mostly developed through the observation that patients treated for other conditions, such as broken blood vessels or acne scarring, led to improvements in their acne. I most frequently use the fractionated and vascular lasers to treat acne and acne scarring. A series of 4 treatments usually works best.


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