Structural Fat Grafting

Restore Volume with your Own Body Fat

Loss of body fat, as part of the aging process, causes loss of fullness and definition to the face, hands and other areas of the body. Structural fat grafting is a method of volume replacement that uses your own natural body fat to enhance areas such as the cheeks, under-eye hollows, a receding chin, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and thinning lips to name a few.


Benefits of Structural Fat Grafting

• Fat grafting replaces fullness to restore youthfulness
• It uses your own fat to plump up areas of lost volume
• Can be used on nearly every area of the body for rejuvenation
• Improves scars, Acne scars, damaged skin & more
• Fat cells achieve remarkable, stable, lasting results
• Refined, gentle technique…minimal bruising, recovery, downtime
• No allergic reaction, no cutting, no stitches, no unsightly scars
• Dr. Bloom employs the world’s most advanced fat grafting techniques


About Structural Fat Grafting Today

It has many names, most of which mean the same thing. Fat grafting is all about taking fat from one area of the body (love handles, abdomen etc.) and after preparing it, injecting (grafting) it into a chosen area. The purpose is to rejuvenate, plump up, or enhance the recipient area. Liposuction is always involved in this process. But, not all liposuction is the same…neither is the grafting process.


The method, techniques and technology Dr. Bloom uses is today’s most advanced, most refined, most gentle and most precise.


Is Structural Fat Grafting right for you?

If you have areas of resistant unwanted fat, and you would like to use your own fat to correct and enhance other areas, fat grafting is probably be right for you. Dr. Bloom will discuss this, and other options, with you during your personal consultation and then he can individualize your treatment plan. You should be in otherwise good health and have mature, realistic expectations.


Fat Grafting Procedure

Unwanted fat is harvested using a special liposuction technique using low vacuum cannulas. The fat cells are then refined and made ready for injection into pre-targeted body areas. This liposuction method is very gentle and the smaller instruments allow for more precision, less aggressive movements and a more effective procedure. Traditional liposuction involves much aggressiveness resulting in bleeding and more bruising and is nearly always harmful to the harvested fat cells.



Did you Know?

Dr. Bloom has comprehensive experience in face lifting, rhinoplasty, ear surgery, eyelid rejuvenation, brow and forehead aesthetic surgery as well as extensive training in non-surgical treatments including Botox, injectable fillers, and laser therapies. He is dedicated to the treatment of patients with both cosmetic concerns and reconstructive problems of the head and neck.


Dr.  Bloom on Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is one of today’s most popular ways of restoring long lasting fullness…naturally.


Structural Fat Grafting Frequently Asked Questions:


How Does Dr. Bloom’s Structural Fat Grafting Method Differ from Others?

Older liposuction methods are aggressive and often harmful to the harvested fat cells. Also, the technique used to transplant or inject the refined fat is very different. Dr. Bloom performs the entire procedure with little to no discomfort and without harming the harvested fat…at all. His injection techniques require much skill and an artistic eye, as visualization is critical to the desired outcomes.


Where Can The Fat Be Taken From?

The fat is always harvested from an area with an abundance or with enough excess fat to do the job. Most common areas include: the abdomen, buttocks, love handles, sides, etc.


Who Can Have Structural Fat Grafting Done?

Men and women or various ages and stages and from all ethnic backgrounds come to Dr. Bloom for his fat grafting procedures. His results are outstanding!


How Does Fat Grafting Compare with Implants?

Today’s implants look and feel very natural and are safe, but they are still foreign objects in your body. There is never risk of rejection from one’s own fat cells and the results have proven to be long lasting …even permanent in some cases.


Will Insurance Pay For Structural Fat Grafting?

No, not unless it is performed for medical reasons as is being done today with soldiers injured in combat. This always has to be approved through your insurance carrier. Otherwise, it is a cosmetic procedure. But, we do offer financing and you can get info in our business office.


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