Facial Implants

Restore Lost Volume and Definition

A receding chin, hollow cheeks, a jawline that’s lost its definition…these dramatically highlight facial aging. Dr. Bloom uses facial implants to take years off an aging face or to create the face you’ve always dreamed of and never had. Implants achieve immediate, long lasting results so that you can look 10 years younger…always.


Facial Implants Benefits

• Restore a more youthful, natural looking appearance…immediately
• Implants rejuvenate an aging face, neck & chin
• Work well for men & women of various ages & stages
• Surgical procedure is minimally invasive & quick
• Today’s implants create long lasting results that look & feel natural!


Are Facial Implants right for you?

Men and women who choose to have facial implants do so because they want to look younger or they want to create a look they’ve never had. After doing a thorough exam of the condition of your skin, your underlying facial anatomy and your goals, Dr. Bloom will determine if facial implants are the right choice for you. He can then individualize your treatment plan because no two faces are alike. You must be in good general health and have mature, realistic expectations and goals.


Facial Implants Surgery…How it’s done.

Using state of the art surgical instrumentation, that are much less invasive than previous, older types, and which allow for smaller incisions, much less bruising and swelling and more precision, Dr. Bloom will proceed as follows:


Lower Jaw Implant:

A small incision is made inside the lower lip and the implant is placed inside. Absorbable sutures close the incision. This takes between 1-2 hours but the time will vary if you’ve chosen to do it alone or in tandem with neck liposuction, for example.


Cheek Implants:

These are placed in the hollow cheek area through an incision made underneath the upper lip. Often, patients have facial liposuction and/or a midface lift done in tandem to achieve the most satisfying results. Otherwise, this takes about 1 hour.


Chin Implant:

Working through a small incision made in a skin crease under your chin or through the mouth, the implant is positioned and sutures close the incision. This takes between 30 to 60 minutes and is often combined with liposuction and a necklift to obtain the best definition. Chin implants correct weak, receding chins.


After Surgery

When you wake up you should expect the following and should follow these instructions:
1. You will be swollen, pale and numb in the surgical area
2. Patients complain of “discomfort” rather than pain
3. Incision sites may be irritated and swollen for a couple of days
4. You may be wrapped in a bandage…this should be left on until Dr. Bloom takes it off
5. If a special compression garment is used…wear it as instructed…it helps to control swelling and support while healing starts to take place
6. You will need to keep your head elevated for several days
7. Dr. Bloom may recommend soft, cool compresses
8. Oral medication will easily deal with any discomfort you may experience
9. Plan on a soft diet for 2-3 days…your face will feel tight and opening your mouth may be uncomfortable
10. As healing takes place…all discomfort and signs of surgery go away…usually over a few days time.



Did you Know?

Dr. Bloom’s philosophy is to provide each patient with a specialized treatment plan based on his or her individual needs, stressing a natural, refreshed and rejuvenated look. Dr. Bloom then uses his training and knowledge of the both time tested and cutting-edge procedures to provide his patients with safe, reliable and long lasting treatments.


Dr.  Bloom on Facial Implants

Facial implants can create or restore definition, character & contour to an aging face by rejuvenating a jawline, restoring hollow cheeks & making you look years younger.



Facial Implants Frequently Asked Questions:

What Anesthesia is Used for Facial Implant Surgery?

This will be discussed during your consultation and a decision made. Usually local anesthesia with sedation is used.


How Long Does Facial Implant Surgery Take?

Each and every procedure Dr. Bloom does is “individualized” because no two people are alike and different people choose different options. Typically, when done alone, implant surgery takes between 30-60 minutes.


Can Anyone Have Facial Implant Surgery Done?

Good candidates are men and women in good health and who have mature, realistic expectations.


Does This Surgery Leave Scars?

All incisions involve scars. However, Dr. Bloom uses more refined techniques that allow him to inconspicuously hide the incisions while they fade over time. Additionally, many of the facial implants can be performed through incisions in the mouth which make them unable to be seen.


Is Facial Implant Surgery Painful?

There will be some discomfort, but Dr. Bloom’s patients rarely complain of pain. You will experience swelling and tightness that is, but this resolves on its own over a few days. Some numbness may linger for several weeks, but it too resolves itself.


How Long Before I Will See the Real Results of my Implant Surgery?

Visible results vary with each patient based upon the extent and type of procedure chosen. Healing continues under the surface for quite some time. As swelling and bruising resolves, results can be seen and within a few weeks you will be looking like yourself…albeit a younger version.


What is Recovery Like After Facial Implant Surgery?

Swelling, bruising and discomfort are normal and should be expected. You will need to keep your head elevated and use cold packs along with oral medication to easily manage discomfort and to speed healing. These symptoms decrease daily and usually resolve within a few days.


Will Insurance Pay for Facial Implant Surgery?

NO. Insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. We do have financing today that covers cosmetic procedures and can be set up on a payment plan. Ask about it in our business office.


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